Tuesday, November 03, 2009


C & I ate Kraft Dinner for dinner last night. No joke. We had two boxes, we made them and then ate them out of bowls while watching Mad Men. It was one of those nights.

But it made me think that C&C hasn't gotten any love lately. It's not that we haven't been cooking. We have. Killer marsala omelettes. Apple dishes galore. Lots. But we haven't been photographing anything and we've been eating everything before we get a chance to type up its story.

What I'm saying is, things have been busy. And will probably continue to be busy for some time. So we'll be back later. In the meantime if you need us, email.

We'll get back to you shortly.


Sarah said...

Now you listen here, we are Canadian. We eat more Kraft Dinner than any other nation (per capita).

As someone who can no longer eat dairy, I say enjoy your instant tasty food product that you likely lived off of for about 5 years of your life!

I miss it.

Me said...

I had Kraft dinner for the first time on years on New Years day. It was so amazing....such a childhood treat. I think nostalgia is the only rationale explanation for how good it tasted.