Monday, June 25, 2007

Fake Chocolate

The powers that be are conspiring against you. Can you feel it? Some unnerving, evil sensation that creeps up your spine. You try to ignore it, but it won't leave you? I know what it is...

Industrial confectioners- the people who bring you the chocolate bars you grab on a break or pick as a treat while you're grocery shopping - are petitioning the FDA to allow them to use LESS COCOA BUTTER in their products- and still call them chocolate.

Log on to the NY Times to read the article.

There is alredy an enormous difference between corner store chocolate, the stuff that gets marketed as 'premium' (think Godiva- it's not as good as they want you to think it is!) and real artsinal, happy chocolate.

Do yourself a favour- go buy some really good chocolate, savour it. Then go buy a regular bar... Not as good, is it? Now, imagine if it were worse.

I can't stand the thought...