Saturday, April 07, 2007

The Best Chicken Soup

I think a good, homemade, best chicken soup should be in everyone's recipe repertoire. It needn't be a completely from scratch all day long mission of doom soup. (I personally have never made satisfactory chicken broth, though I do acknowledge that I probably need a bigger pot.) All it needs to be is delicious, restorative and homey. A hug from the inside out.

In January I was sick. Sick for nearly an entire week with a flu/cold that just completely wore me out. Around this time I also got Nigel Slater's Kitchen Diaries from the library. It's a lovely book and though I didn't feel like cooking, it was a pleasantly lazy read for my tired body.

C was poking through it and found a February recipe for chicken noodle soup. He then made it for me one cold wintery night and it perked me up in a way that no cold and flu tablet could. Copious amounts of lemon juice, fresh mint and coriander and little egg noodles. Soul warming. My favorite Best chicken soup ever.

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